Angela Sofia Sterzer



Angela Sofia Sterzer (Anjela): choreographer, dancer, singer, actually in master studies of anthropology of music and dance at EHESS, Paris.

After her studies of classical dance (Janet Janus) and contemporary dance  (Avi Kaiser, José Cazeneuve, Peter Goss, Lari Léong), she became a member of the “Martin Padron Dance Théâtre”.
In 1996 she got a stipend for young choreographers for the piece « Pour Damia – une mise en danse chantée » and founded in 1996 the dance company “Ladansequichante” in 1996 in Paris (France).
In 2000, she discovered the Indian classical dance Manipuri Dance and learnt with Master Jatindra K. Singh, former principal and H.O.D.of Rabindra Sangeet, Dance & Drama, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. With him she choreographed several pieces : “Manipur- Joyaux Modernes”, “Depth and Beauty” (contemporary/manipuri), “Ibethoi” (Raghu Laishangthem, Madhabi Singh), “Meitei Jagoi”.
Anjela studied Manipuri Dance with Sunita Devi (Santiniketan) and Ibemubi Devi (Imphal, Manipur). Songs cannot be separated from Anjela’s artistic work and now Manipuri folk songs became in a natural way part of the Manipuri dance program (teacher: Subhadra Devi).
One of the most prominent aspects of Anjela’s work is how she linked Manipuri dance choreographies and contemporary dance in a fluent way.

Manipuri and contemporary dance:

“Death and Beauty” (2002), “Mira”, dance and violin, Eugène Ysaÿe (2006)
“Night rose” (2010) dance and piano (Piano: Alan James Ball, composer: Georges Enesco)
Gedichte – une « mise en danse chantée » (2015)

Other contemporary choreographies:

“Anais- femme Miroir – une mise en danse chantée” (2000), “Wollgras I, II, III” (2001)
“Danse Sonore” (Sound dance) (2006), “Comptines” (2007) (Creation dance / voice with Catherine Lascault)

Dates in Manipuri Dance:

2002: Aug:  Manipuri Dance: Embassy of India (Paris)
July: Natirpuja: Except (Theatre Mindelheim/ Germany)
March: Tagore and Manipuri Dance at the Unesco ”Tagore and France”
Mai, June: Manipur Joyaux Modernes: “Death and Beauty”: duo with J. K.Singh (Souppes sur Loing, Heinrich Heine House/Paris, Centre Mandapa/ Paris, assistant of conference J.K.Singh at Arta)

2004: Performance around the vocabulary of animals (peacocks, dears, ducks) in the ”Animal park” in Souppes sur Loing: performance with the children of the conservatory of Corbeil-Essonnes (with Fiona Danckwerts)
2007: ”Ibethoi”-Fairytale: dancer and choreographic assistant of Jatindra K.Singh (Cergy)
June 2010: Solo performance at the International Manipuri Cultural Festival, Agartala, Tripura and teaching of contemporary dance at Agartala Music college
Nov. 2010: “Platinum Jubilee Celebration” invited by Professor N.Tombi Singh, Manipuri Sahitya Parisad, Imphal, Manipur.
2011: Festival in honour to the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, Assam
Feb. 2012: Duo “Mama Phoina- Ghaya Ghanayeeche” with Manju Elangbam, Heyderabad
March 2012: Manipuri Sahitya Parisad (Imphal/Manipur): “Mandilla Cholom” and
dance conference about contemporary dance and Manipuri dance at the Dance Department of dance, Manipur University
September 2012: ”Manipuri Jagoi“ with Manju Elangbam (Centre Mandapa, Indian House/Paris)
2012: Bachelor in anthropology of music and dance of university of Nanterre.
With her regular exchange with artists of Manipuri dance, she has been teaching since 2003 Manipuri Dance in the city of Paris, conservatories and international workshops.
29 October 2012: “Festival of Classical Manipuri Solo Dance” (Manipuri State Kala Akademi, Imphal)
November 2012: “Firebird“, choreography for the Manipuri Ballet Troupe of PAL (Imphal) with the help of Pierre Boulez
April 2014: “Danse Manipuri” at the Auditorium of Musée Guimet (Paris), classical Manipuri dance performance with Manju Elangbam and the musicians of PAL (Imphal)
April 2014: “ARTA” (Cartoucherie/Paris): Manipuri dance workshop. Teachers: Manju Elangbam and Anjela
November 2014: Admission in Master studies Musicology and Anthropology EHESS (Paris)
April 2015: Solo performance and workshop at the Festival of Indian Classical Dances, Paris
June 2015: 40th anniversary of EHESS
September 2015: International Workshop with PAL (Imphal, Manipur) with a choreography presented at the end: « Gedichte »

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